How Twitter Got Me To The Supergrass Aftershow Party

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By Dave Ashworth
on 18/6/10

I'm a massive fan of both Twitter and Supergrass - last week I combined social media and brit pop and the results were a cracking night out in Paris watching then meeting my favourite band ever.

It all started when they announced they were to split up - me and my mate Ste have been fans since day 1 and were determined to make it to their last ever shows.  They announced dates in Glasgow, Manchester, London and their last ever gig at La Cigalle, Paris.

Naturally tickets were purchased for Manchester and as these opportunities don't come round too often, we booked tickets and flights for Paris.

After attending the gig at Manchester, I posted a couple of tweets and pictures using the #supergrass hash tag so as to interact with other fans attending these gigs.

I noticed one user tweeting to this tag going by the name of @MonkeyBasket with content that suggested he was a member of the band - tweeting about soundchecks and the like - turns out it was Supergrass's bassist Mick Quinn.

Very tired this morning after giving it large in Manchester, plugging myself into the charger for tonight's final UK Supergrass gig.less than a minute ago via web

At this point, I must point out the itinerary for our trip - the flight landed at 16.30, the gig was at 20.30-22.30, the plane back was at 9.50 on Saturday morning - we had no hotel booked as drinking in Paris was preferable to sleeping. With this in mind and time to kill, I sent a speculative tweet:


@MonkeyBasket is there an after show party or owt in Paris tomorrow? Got time to kill till the plane back, Manc gig was ace, nice oneless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

and so the conversation went:


@dave_ashworth There will be an aftershow party,not sure where yet, do you want me to put you down on the list.less than a minute ago via web



@MonkeyBasket aye, that'd be great mate, 2 of us, so what happens next? good stuffless than a minute ago via TweetDeck



@dave_ashworth I'll find out where it is and how to get you in DM you later.less than a minute ago via web

and true to his word, an hour or two later he DM'd me:

Fair play to him, he didn't have to, after the gig we meandered on down to the address and found ourselves in a packed out indie style bar/pub. True to his word, when we approached the massive bouncer blocking the door way to the aftershow party, we were allowed in where we mingled with other fans, chancers and band members - we met and chatted to the band and basically had one of the best gig nights, ever.

All thanks to Twitter and me being a bit of a cheeky bastud. Try it sometime, who knows where it will get you.