How well do you know your "Facebook" friends?

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By Guy Levine
on 27/1/11

As Facebook's commitment to security, they have released 2 new security features.

Social security and authentication

The first feature that they have launched is Social Authentication. The traditional way of verifying whether somebody is human is to ask them to type in random letters and numbers, which can be difficult sometimes if they are not clear. Although this prevents computer hackers, it is still vulnerable to human hackers.

With Social Security, if somebody is trying to hack into your account, they will be asked to identify and name some of your friends, who they may not necessarily know. You could be asked to identify up to 10 friends, with the option to skip two if you don’t know who they are.

I noticed this aspect of security on Facebook back in October 2010, but Facebook have only made it official yesterday as they would like to gather feedback on this feature and continually improve the security of Facebook for its users.

A secured connection across Facebook

The second one is to offer a “HTTPS” secure connection to all Facebook users. Now traditionally, when you are shopping online, you usually see a padlock icon in the top left corner of the address bar to denote that you are going to a secure page where all your card details will be safe. Currently, on Facebook, this is only available when you send your password to them. However, as of yesterday, the usage of a secure connection is now expanded to ensure that all your data on Facebook is secure. This can be activated via the Account Security tab on the “Account Settings” page.

Image is Courtesy of Facebook

Now its important to remember that Facebook secure browsing is still being rolled out so you may not see the secure browsing option yet in your Account Security tab. However if you regularly login to Facebook from a public computer then it’s worth looking out for this feature in your account and then activating it.

I’ve noticed that as a UK user of Facebook, this isn’t currently available in my Account but I will definitely be looking out for it and keep you posted.

Update: I logged into my account today, and I have noticed that the option to activate secure browsing is now available so I have activated this now. I guess Facebook are just rolling this out slowly, but surely.