If Your Site Integrated Tweets Stop Appearing, Get On the Twitter Whitelist

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By Dave Ashworth
on 22/11/10

Return On Digital recently launched a new website for the land surveyor company, Technics Group, whom merged their previous 2 sites (Sitechnics and Subtechnics) into one all service encompassing website.

As part of their online strategy three of their directors have adopted Twitter and use this on a regular basis.  I therefore decided to integrate their latest Tweets into their website to raise awareness to site visitors and gain them followers within their niche – the main idea being for them to establish themselves as an authority voice in the area of land surveying and geospatial consulting.

Whilst testing the site, we noticed that sometimes the Tweets would not appear within the box which obviously is not the effect we were looking for.

Looking into this I discovered that Twitter have a rate limit on accounts that allow for 150 requests per hour, which on a busy site will soon be reached:

Following further research, it turns out you can get this limit increased to around 20,000 per hour by submitting a request to get your account on the “Twitter Whitelist”:

You need to be logged into your account when you make the request as it is dealt with on a per account basis, though you can also request for an IP address to be added to the list.  It is open to developers and applications in production.

The only drawback so far, is that there is no clear indication so far as I can see as to how long it takes to get on the list or as to whether they will contact you to confirm - so for now the site will go live without the Tweets section.

That said, it all seems pretty straightforward so far, am still learning about the Twitter API etc so will post more when I know more.