How To Increase Your Facebook 'Likes'

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 1/12/11

If you use Facebook everyday you may see brands trying to increase interactions on posts, by asking users to comment or like. A previous study analysed 49,266 page posts to compare interaction rates for posts containing ‘Like’ calls to action, ‘comment’ calls to action and those without. The study split these posts into the three different categories, and the sample size was:

1) Contains ‘comments’ – 292

2) Contains ‘like’ – 361

3) Doesn’t contain ‘comment’ or ‘like’ – 48,613

Very few companies or brands tend to post statuses with comment or like calls to action – only 1.3% of the status messages analysed had a call to action in it. What then was calculated the average interaction rates for the three categories of posts.

The interaction rates can be seen in the graph above:

1) Contains ‘comments’ – 0.14%

2) Contains ‘like’ – 0.38%

3) Doesn't contain ‘comment’ or ‘like’ – 0.11%

Although it comes as no surprise using calls to action asking users to ‘comment’ and ‘like’ have a higher interaction compared to normal text status posts. However what wasn’t expected was how much the interaction increased by asking everyone to ‘like’ the post. Asking users to ‘like’ gets an average of 216% increase in interaction.

From my experience on posting Facebook images/links etc. this is definitely the case. Try for yourself and see if this works, let us know.

Source: Momentus Media