Increase Your Remarketing Audience List with ‘Similar Audiences’

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By Rachel Smith
on 16/10/13

At Return on Digital we often recommend remarketing campaigns to our customers. It's a great way to target a ready made audience who’ve previously registered an interest in your website with carefully selected banner and text ads. Although it varies depending on the type of business, we tend to find the cost per click on a remarketing banner is lower than a click on a regular search ad so it’s an ideal way to attract customers back to your website at a lower cost. Also users often view remarketing banners before searching for your business organically rather than clicking directly on your banner which means a free (additional) visit to your website.

You may be aware Google recently introduced a new audience list for remarketing called ‘similar audiences’ which enables you to reach people who share characteristics with your site visitors. So you can now reach an audience who've followed a similar search pattern to those who have already visited your website which can increase your potential audience significantly!

From a pay per click perspective it’s important that we make the most out of our customers budget by targeting a well refined audience (i.e. an audience who are most likely to complete an action once they visit your website). So the obvious question is; ‘does increasing the audience list also mean attracting a less relevant audience?’

In answer to this question, Google seem confident that 'similar audiences' are well refined and have confirmed the list will automatically update as the original list evolves and people change their browsing activity. For example, if you've created a remarketing list of people who bought walking boots from your online shoe store. Instead of helping you reach broad groups of people interested in "shoes", Google will recognise that people on this list tended to browse sites specifically about "walking" and "walking boots" before coming to your site and completing a purchase. Similar audiences will specifically find other people with a similar browsing history.

'In Your Remarketing List' 'Similar Audience'
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In addition we can combine the new audience list with other targeting methods to make sure your adverts appear in front of an audience who are more likely to complete a purchase or a lead. For example, as well as setting various demographics you can target similar audiences within a 40 mile radius of Manchester.

Whether you’re eligible for 'similar audiences' depends on your original remarketing list. If you would like more information on remarketing lists and whether you are eligible to target ‘similar audiences’ for your business please contact our Paid Search Team.