Is Google+ Still Going Strong?

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Herdy Ramanuj
on 24/8/11

At the start of the month Google+ reached the 25 million users mark, however even though the social site is growing, they are seeing a decline in the number of daily visits. I have to say even though I have an account, I rarely visit. The graph below shows how successful the growth has been when compared to the first few months of MySpace, Twitter and Facebook.

As you can see Google+ has wiped the floor with its competitors in terms of each start up. Tracked by comScore and noticed by Search Engine Land, the first month in which they managed to obtain 25 million users means they have reached that benchmark 20 times faster than any other social site. But surely this is because of the growth of social networking and its ever growing popularity? It was also noted in the comScore report that they are growing at a rate of 1 million users per day, which isn’t bad going in my eyes.

After discussing Google+ in the office, is makes me wonder whether it will have an effect on future ranking of websites? Google are still yet to release brand pages, with Ford currently the only brand on the platform who are being used for testing purposes - so until then we will not know. With 'social signals' starting to play an important factor on ranking, we may see brands jumping on the Google+ bandwagon as soon as they get released.

Recently Google hangouts on the platform got a major boost in publicity from their sister YouTube. The video platform has just added a new sharing option below every video player on the site that allows viewers to start a hangout session centred around that particular video. This means that up to 10 of your friends can watch and comment on this together in real-time.

So along with the Twitter, Facebook, +1 button you now have Hangouts as a way to share the clip. Although this is a ‘cool’ new feature, how many of your friends are using Google+ often enough for you to benefit from this. The initial excitement seems to of worn off, and people are now simply feeding blogs into their profiles to build up content. Is Google+ reaching a peak? At the moment no, but should the daily visits decline more over the next few months, it could well mean it isn’t as popular as once was thought.

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