Is Rebranding The Way To Go?

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By Dave Ashworth
on 6/1/11

I came across an article on Twitter today that sparked off an interesting conversation about brand recognition.

Starbuck’s have decided to do a rebrand whereby they have removed the wording from their brand in order to focus on areas beyond coffee:

Personally, I had not even noticed what the image was within the circle before –  admittedly I don’t do Starbucks but I do walk past several every day on my way to work - turns out it’s a siren (though having now studied it I’d have said mermaid).

This led to an interesting conversation about brand recognition which saw a few of my Twitter buddies, @sophiebradshaw and @thesophiew, have differing perceptions of branding in terms of words V pictures.  I initially took some brands and removed the words and asked them to identify them, the results were mixed.

Following on from GAP’s failed attempts to reinvent it’s logo, it would seem some brands may want to reconsider how they go about reinventing themselves, already there have been loyal Starbuck’s customers voicing their dismay on the their official website!

So, just for fun, I’ve put together the following 10 logos and removed the wording – have a go and post a comment on who you think they are.  No prizes for this, but the high scores will get kudos.