Is Your PPC Campaign Ready For Christmas? 5 Tips to get you started!

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By Rachel Smith
on 26/11/12

Budgets are often stretched during the Christmas period due to the increase in search traffic however remember it’s not just about increasing your budget and hoping for the best. Here are 5 tips to making the most out of your PPC budget this Christmas:

How did my campaign perform this time last year? A good starting point would be to review how your PPC campaigns performed during the Christmas period last year. Review your statistical data and see if you can establish an increase in click through & conversion data for a particular product or service. A useful tool to use in Adwords is the ‘Segment’ tab which allows you to compare statistical data in the months leading up to Christmas so you can establish where the increase of interest is coming from and amend your budget accordingly. Don’t worry if your campaign was not running during the Christmas period last year as it is likely you will already notice a pattern emerging over the last few weeks.

Increase your budget during the highest converting times. Your budget may be used up quicker than normal during the Christmas period therefore it may be wise to focus your budget during the times your adverts receive the highest conversion data. To view when your adverts receive the strongest converting traffic, select the ‘Dimensions’ tab in Adwords and you will have the option to establish which day of the week or what time of the day your adverts receive the highest volume of conversions. If you see a pattern emerging it could be worth amending your time schedule, particularly if you are on a tight budget.

As you can see from the example below there is less converting traffic and a higher cost per click during the weekends so in this case you could consider updating your time schedule and focussing your ad exposure on weekdays (in Adwords, select ‘Settings’ – ‘Schedule’ – ‘Ad Scheduling’ – ‘Edit’).

Find out where your calls are coming from. As well as measuring conversions through Adwords and Google Analytics, you can also track incoming telephone calls by using ‘Response Tap’ (previously called ‘AdInsight’). You can listen to calls, see which calls were answered and most importantly check whether any calls have been missed which could turn into potential leads! Response Tap will also help you understand which product or service your customers are interested in this Christmas and in turn will enable you to focus your advertising budget accordingly.

Are my adverts enticing? It is likely the volume of impressions will increase over the Christmas period (depending on the nature of your business) so it is a great time to entice potential customers to your website. When you know where you would like to focus your budget, it could be worth reviewing your ads for those products or services. It’s a great time to introduce any Christmas offers you have and remember a good way to transfer keywords into converting traffic is to have a clear call to action in your ad text and let your potential customers know what path you would like them to follow. Just remember to make sure your ads remain relevant to the keyword and the landing page in order to retain a strong quality score.

Are my landing pages set up for conversions? Once you are happy with your adverts, it is worth checking your landing pages are closely associated with each product or service. For example, if you know the keyword ‘red jumpers’ converts better during the Christmas period, make sure the keyword leads to an advert with a landing page specifically about ‘red jumpers’ (or as closely related as possible). I’m sure you’re aware customers won’t always hang around for long if they are not directed to a relevant page. Also check there is a clear conversion channel on your landing page, such as an option to purchase, a telephone number or a contact section to back up the call to action in your advert.

Hopefully these tips along with your regular optimising techniques will bring you some success during the festive period!