Link building harbours insanity!

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By Guy Levine
on 4/6/08

Reading my emails last night, I saw a great piece from one of those internet guru types. You know the ones! As it happens I have met this one and his content is good.

His plan was to run a competition offering a prize to the person who generates the most incoming links to his website. He then listed three of his sites he wants to raise up the search engines. However, he has missed the point.

Simply linking to sites or receiving links into your site with rubbish link text such as ‘click here’ does not really help you. This link text or ‘anchor text’ needs to put the link into context with the information which will be on the page. This is when the real link juice magic starts to happen. The best way to do this is to tell people what you want the anchor text to be. Really, it should include the keyword you are trying to promote.

Try again Mr Internet Guru!