LinkedIn Create Company Status Updates

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 25/10/11

It was only yesterday we were talking in the office about how frustrating it is on LinkedIn that you can’t post company status updates to your followers and employees. It only previously allowed you to create a company page and build a following, but there was no way for the company to communicate with their following! Until now that today I’ve come into the office with an email from LinkedIn (via Andy Venables) saying that you can now engage with your audience and update statuses. This is now a great way to push promotions, products and share company announcements. You will be able to engage directly with your followers and possibly their entire network.

Updates can only be made by company "Administrators" when the Company Page is set to "Designated Admins Only". LinkedIn is no doubt trying to gain some market share from Twitter and Facebook with allowing these status updates. This is great news for all businesses as they have the opportunity to engage with a wider audience.  As part of our Social Media management for B2B businesses LinkedIn plays a large part and this new feature will only help to make better use of the social platform. Don't forget to star following our LinkedIn page. For information about this update check out the video below: