LinkedIn Hack: View The Profiles Of People Who Visited Your Website

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By Jade Hark
on 30/6/15

LinkedIn Tracking Script can be manipulated in a way that allows you to see the profiles of people who have visited your website while they are logged in.

This either releases endorphins through your body or a cold chill down your spine. Either way it is great for B2B and lead gen brands and can make you some serious money if you have a talented sales team.

First of all you need a premium account. You can sign up to a 30 day trial here. I would suggest having a dummy account set up rather than your personal account (I'll explain later).

Add the code below to the <body></body> of the website pages you want to track.

The code:

<img src="" />

Replace the xxxx with the account number of your profile. To get the number go to your profile and copy the number aster viewid?= in the URL.

When a user is logged into LinkedIn and visits a page with the tracking script on, they will show up under 'people who viewed your website' on the premium LinkedIn account. This is why I suggest a dummy account as your personal account will be flooded with "website views".