[Infographic] How To Make The Most Of Your Marketing Budget in 2013

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Beth Moore
on 21/1/13


As a summary of our webinar on ‘How to Make The Most of Your Marketing Budget in 2013’ we have put all our hints, tips and recommendations into an infographic. The infographic covers the top marketing channels and our recommendations on the emerging trends businesses should be aware of and investing in for this year.


CEO and presenter of the webinar Guy Levine comments: “there were a lot of important changes in search in 2012 which have already shaped most digital strategies for 2013 with the role of Mobile, Social and Local search being most prominent.”


The infographic is a quick and easy to use guide for businesses to refer to when planning there marketing strategy for 2013.

How to Make the most of your marketing budget in 2013

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