Massive Companies in getting Internet Marketing very wrong shocker

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By Guy Levine
on 18/6/08

I was reading through some posts earlier that we've done in the last month or so and I was reading Guy's post about Link Building Insanity and how some companies spend time trying to build links but do it in such an awful way that, lets be honest, they probably shouldn't have bothered in the first place!

A search in Google for "click here" makes interesting reading, you have a list of some of the the biggest companies on the planet, some web only sites such as Multimap who you'd think would know better and more suprisingly some of the biggest web related companies you could imagine including Google themselves. It should be noted that partly results are due to people who decide they want to link to a certain site and think the best form of link is click here. However, if you take one other company who make the "dumb" list, Microsoft. I can't remember how much money they spent launching Vista but I remember it will probably buy you a small island somewhere nice where you can retire to for the rest of your life. Common Sense tells me that in relation to employing someone somewhere to contact people who do this and ask them to change their anchor text that it's peanuts compared to how much these companies spend on Advertising and Marketing. Here's the list of some of the top ten, starting at the top are:

Sun's Java site

Then if we break into the remaing top 30 we have:

US Governement
Google Earth