Meet The New Return On Digital Apprentice

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By Beth Moore
on 2/8/13

As the newbie of Return on Digital and the first ever apprentice to join the company, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself and my position. So I’m Kayley Harrison and I’m the new Business Administrator Apprentice.

Job searches can be tough, especially as a 19 year old with only catering experience who wants to get into a new career within business and marketing administration. With a determination to succeed in this industry, I began to apply for a number of administration roles in order to gain the relevant experience that I needed to develop my career. The amount of jobs that I had applied for was unreal; I was applying for at least 30 a week, and probably applied for the same jobs 2-3 times.

After hearing nothing back from the job applications, I decided to apply for an apprenticeship scheme. When looking at it on paper, the lower wage can be a little discouraging at first, but you need to think you are getting relevant experience and getting paid for it. Additionally, there are some apprenticeship schemes where you have to go to college once a week, which was off-putting for me as I had already completed 2 years of a performing arts BTEC degree.

But then I applied for an apprenticeship with Age UK (not just for the older generations apparently) and came to Return for an interview.

Apprenticeships with Age UK
Age UK provide apprenticeships for 16-24 year olds, who want to progress into work or career development. Whilst working either full or part time, the apprentices are able to gain professional awards and nationally recognized qualifications.
For more information on these schemes visit

About My Apprenticeship
The apprenticeship that I am currently on is Business Administration Level 2 and is solely work based; I don’t have to go to college once a week and I can do my qualification in my spare time and still work a full time job at Return. It will take 12 months for me to complete my qualification and will enable me to have plenty of experience if I wanted to move on in the future.

My First Month at Return
Within my month here at Return, I have learnt a lot about digital marketing. I was a complete noob when I started and I had no idea what digital marketing was. Now I know the basics about SEO, PPC and Social.

Within my introductory sessions on these three topics I found out how to get a website to the top of the Google searches organically (SEO), what you can and can’t do when building links and keywords and what you can be penalized for by Google.

I found out how to get more traffic to your website quickly by bidding and paying for every time somebody clicks your link in the yellow boxes on Google (PPC), how to control what keywords work and don’t work and how to see how many people are viewing your website and what pages.

Finally I learnt how social can be used from a business perspective, it’s not like your everyday social updates moaning about how bad the English weather is or making fun of the latest fashions (I mean boys in skinny jeans really? Come on its not the 1980’s).
It is used to give out special offers, more information or customer service to a wider range of consumers. For example on a Facebook business page a company can optimize it with information about their website, Pinterest account, Twitter account and YouTube account and you can navigate to each one. You can run polls online to see what their fans like and don’t like, advertise sales, special offers or discount codes to drive more traffic to their website and put on general things that their customers are interested in.

The Next Steps
Whilst I’m working at Return, I want to focus on developing my job to become the best I can be at business and marketing. Not only have I got a qualification behind me, but I've got real experience in a digital marketing agency and I know the ins and outs of the job I want to do. But who knows I may even move on to becoming part of the digital teams or account management teams in the future. We’ll see…