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By Guy Levine
on 31/7/08

SEO should really be about more than getting to the top rankings in Google.  Firstly SEO touches many other important areas and we understand that our work as well as having a positive effect, should not just stop with getting the rankings, what's the point in getting visitors who you barely make any money out of?  What you want is attract visitors who already have their credit card out. We also realise that SEO can also have a negative impact when not performed corretly

That's why we've recently changed our packages to not only provide our clients with a cutting edge service but that also provide more than your bog standard SEO Company, our goal is simply deliver results.  We don't yet have a nifty catchphrase, I'm not sure this should be it, but if our clients don't realise we're 'more than just a SEO Company' then we're simply not doing a good enough job.

We looked at the Meta Keywords Tag yesterday and I said the thing that really annoys me about SEO is the pointless stuff that gets overstated, well with the Meta Description Tag it's the opposite it's always grossly understated.  This is simply because in terms of it generating rankings it's barely more useful than the Meta Keywords Tag, however it's power is in generating leads, targeting markets and qualifying prospective buying customers.

The odd thing is people who run PPC are used to doing this for their PPC campaigns yet seem totalltoblivious to it at times when it comes to organic rankings.  Let's be honest and say that actually most listings for site's in Google aren't that attractive, in fact sometimes it's a choice between the least ugly listing not the most attractive.

Tips for a more targetted Meta Description Tag:

Make it short and sweet but not too short and sweet, you don't want Google to cut of your description mid sentence but you also want you used your allotted space.
Like the Meta Keywords Tag make sure you have unique Descriptions for each page.  Some general blarb is not going to attract prospective buyers.
You can start to generate the right sort of leads by mentioning the keywords you are targetting or have rankings for.  Remember the user has already qualified themself by telling Google what they want, let them know you have it.  The more elements of your listing in bold the better.
Don't spam, simply everyone hates spam.
Don't lie either, in fact be dead straight with your customer if you only sell a certain type or colour of widgets let them know.  There is little point them visiting your site only to be disapointed.
Ultimately it's much better to target niche groups who are prospective buyers than get lots of click through's but hardly any sales.  Remember the main goal is what you take home at the end of the day in your back pocket.