Movember Comes To An End

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By Dave Ashworth
on 30/11/10

Thankfully, Movember had to come to an end at some point and today is that day.  After 30 days of ridicule and self loathing the time has come to say goodbye to our little friends.

As you may, or may not, know, we all had a target to reach based on our favourite moustache afficiandos at the beginning of the month.  So below are our facial updates from start to finish and our targets beside these.

You can be the judge of how well we've collectively done, and if you feel we're worthy, feel free to sponsor us towards our target of £150 (at time of writing, we've managed £10...)


My target was Jesse Hughes from the Eagles Of Death Metal:


Phil's target was that of an authentic moustachioed Scouser - take your pick, there are plenty:


It was a tall order, but we set Guy the task of taking on Groucho Marx's tache - close, but definitely no cigar...


Andy, as a farmer's son, chose to emulate his farming idol - Seth from Emmerdale.  Andy is also 23, which I guess shows.  Think we'll come back and check in Movember 2022 on his progress:


What can we say about Rob.  For photo number 1, there was nothing there - then he went on leave and when he came back in... he'd given up and shaven it off!  Poor, poor do.  We have improvised on the pictures:

So there you go, Rob aside - we all put our all into this and came out this side of November with something to show for our efforts.

Except Andy as well - as this whole saga began with a Family Guy clip, it may as well end with one - when Peter Griffin lost his pride and joy in a fire, he settled for 2nd best with a homemade moustache, we've done one similar for Andy...

The Brian Griffin Award For Least Facial Hair