MSN Cash in on new online advertising

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By Guy Levine
on 6/9/10

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed MSN cashing in on high visibility ads on their home page.  When MSN is viewed in Internet Explorer the new form of advertising now surrounds the site content.

Polo advertising on MSN

Since the 1990’s we have seen an increase in banner blindness and a switch from traditional banner and skyscraper ads to other forms of online advertising.   Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook now play a large part in many businesses digital marketing strategy.

This new type of onsite advertising is so prominent the user is forced to notice it.  I’m not sure this will catch on, it seems too much in your face and detracts the user from the purpose of the site.  But I’m sure MSN aren’t complaining about the extra bob or two!

Special K advertising on MSN