My Work Experience at Return on Digital

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By Jade Hark
on 19/6/14

My name is Abby (@AbbyRaphael13); I’m a 16 year old AS Level student and today marks the end of my 2 week work experience with Return on Digital.

I was lucky that I could use an existing relationship to my advantage to snag the role, after every other agency I applied to refused to take on a student under the age of 18. But for a company like Return on Digital, know-how and expertise are imperative, so I felt excited to be able to join for two weeks as they only take on the best of the best.

On my first day I was welcomed into the office by an array of friendly faces and instantly felt part of the team. I half expected to just be tea-maker for 2 weeks but instead I was given a whistle-stop tour of the company and then it was straight to work!

I spent my first day working with the talented social team who gave me a detailed insight into their complex and often hectic job, then I was set off on my own independent work; overseeing the activities on the social media pages for some of their most influential clients.

I carried on working with the social team for a few days, and then moved on to work with the brilliant outreach team. I was tasked with increasing the awareness of their clients online and reaching out to different online sources to keep moving clients’ websites higher and higher up on Google.

"Abby’s been an invaluable addition to our social team over the last couple of weeks; she’s thrown herself into her work – producing engaging content of such a high standard that it’s gone straight to clients and come back without amends.  We hope to see her again in the bright future she has ahead! "


Next I spent a few days split between the dedicated paid search team to optimise the efficiency of their clients’ websites and advertisements on different search engines, and also working on some research projects to make a (hopefully) valued contribution to Return on Digital’s own blog and some blog posts for two different clients’ websites.

Looking back on my short time at the agency, I feel incredibly privileged to have been given such an insightful and invaluable experience that has definitely semi-conquered my indecisiveness about prospective career paths - digital marketing definitely looks like a shoo-in! I’ve built on so many crucial skills, really enjoyed myself and been given some brilliant tips that will be so useful for the future even if I were to disregard marketing completely!

Maybe if I can make my mind up, I’ll be back in a few years, but for now I wish this fantastic, dedicated team all the best and thank them for such a brilliant time!

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