Online Video: How to Digg it

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By Guy Levine
on 10/7/08

Following on from Guy's Online Video post of his daughter (I swear I can just about hear Guy in the background running through a Web Marketing Manual!). Here is part deux.

The Power of Video is it's:

Highly usable - with modern internet connections.
Highly portable - this post for example - I just stick a bunch of code (I know what is it but you don't need to) from one box to another.
Inexpensive - ignoring quality then everyone has a camera in their pocket, to have a proper set up does not take too much expense either.
Highly popular - who hasn't seen a video on the web?

Video is highly popular, also why spend minutes writing a post when you can create a video post that takes seconds and does the job much better. For example here's a video i found from Digg on latest changes to the Digg platform: