Our Office Upgrades To Spotify Premium, So Should Yours

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By Dave Ashworth
on 15/11/10

It’s a scientific fact that having music on in the office is directly linked to a good, creative, relaxed working atmosphere.  There’s no evidence to support this, but it is a fact.  Mundane office jobs, where there is no music going on, are still common place that I’m aware of – but any digital marketing agency who takes itself seriously, will have music going on in the background.

Therefore here in the Return On Digital office we do take our music listening seriously and even have a daily routine:

9am-10am: XFM
10am-11am: Key 103’s Top 10 at 10
11am onwards: whatever takes our fancy

Be it albums, singles, playlists, so long as we have music on all day, we’re happy.

It’s no surprise then that we have a Spotify account which gets put to good use, but until the backend of last week, we were paupers and stayed on the free ad filled version.  It was only when the new Jamiroquai album came out and was only available to subscribed users that we thought about upgrading.

At £9.95 a month, the benefits vastly outweigh any argument not to pay for music:

  • No ads
  • Offline mode for saving playlists
  • Better quality streams
  • Spotify Mobile App (in my case for iPhone)

The latter point is the killer for me, we have a playlist with about 200 tracks on it – the time to set that up in iTunes isn’t worth thinking about so to then have that on the go, is great.
Therefore, if you haven’t already, or are thinking about upgrading to Spotify premium, you really should – I doubt you’d regret it.


Would be rude not to share, so below are some of the playlists in our office:

Judge A Song By It's Cover

You can't beat a good cover, espeically when the original wasn't that great to begin with. Here are a few of our favourite covers - personally I think a good cover should be better than the original, so might be a few controversial choices in this playlist.

SPOTIFY URI: spotify:user:daveash5:playlist:2wGQYweLnGnfe9IRuv8e1q

No Name – Just Good Music

The musically astute in our office have this work in progress going on – think of a decent song, if we agree, it goes in.

SPOTIFY URI:  spotify:user:daveash5:playlist:2WZrsXQYpq8tzNIdcKygSm

Creative League Football Playlist

We put this together in the build up to the Creative Cup to get us in the mood for a bit of football.  All the old, non-Man Utd, favourites are in there.  Use this on your prematch beat box if you wish to get the andrenaline pumping.

SPOTIFY URI: spotify:user:daveash5:playlist:2XRnIjF7x0fC2hrve9vUIc


To cater for the less musically astute and to indulge in a few of our own guilty pleasures, we put together this Pop stuff.  Most likely played on a Friday about 4.30pm.  Please don’t judge us.

SPOTIFY URI:  spotify:user:daveash5:playlist:4AftNG8OyQfbluc05afm16

90s Pop Guff

The 90s were ace for music.  They were also embarrassing at times.  And rubbish.  And random.  This playlist reflects that.  Some are late 80s or early 2000s, but you get the gist. Again, don’t judge us.

SPOTIFY URI: spotify:user:daveash5:playlist:4tFyK7sMm325EETrnsiam3

So get upgrading, get enjoying and if the boss says no music in the office, you should probably resign.