Page Rank: the Real truth from Google.

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By Guy Levine
on 9/7/08

Further from Guy's Page Rank rant, I came across this great quote from Adam Lasnik. Adam who I here you say? Well to quote Adam himself he's "Google's first 'Search Evangelist,' working to improve communications between Webmasters and Google'. You may not have heard of Adam but he may well just be the next Matt Cutts (think you better start a blog Adam?), remember where you heard the name first! Given the choice of being "Head of Spam" or the "Search Evangelist", I know which one I'd prefer! Here's the great quote:

"Page Rank was a rather defining aspect of early Google search. Today, however, while Page Rank still plays a role, we use more than 200 signals in ranking search results. This means that webmasters who focus primarily on Page Rank are missing the bigger picture and overlooking aspects of their website that they have more control over. Of particular note, Page Rank is focused on the issue of a page's importance, whereas a larger component in determining search results is relevance. We aim to deliver results that are relevant to the query typed into the search box, the area where the person is searching from and, in many cases, even each person's own demonstrated interests, based upon search history."

Wow there's quite a lot in there, personally I'm not used to a Google employee being that transparent, someone from Google actually telling it how it is, particularly with regard the subject of Page Rank, Mr Cutts could well learn a thing or two, that's if Mr Lasnik is still a Google employee once Google HQ see his quote? Let me interpet for all of you, Guy included: Page Ranks importance in ranking a website in the grand scheme of things equals diddely squat! I've been trying to tell this to people for quite a while now. Well now it's official and maybe we can all get of our Page Rank addiction now? Are you listening Guy? While we're on the subject of ranting, to those who like to misinform us that SEO easy, which has me litterally rolling around the floor kicking, screaming and pulling my hair that was not a typo - it's 200 plus factors! My interpretation would be it's a dash more complicated than simple and if you want the honest truth, because Google don't actually want anyone to know exactly how complex the whole thing gets, 200 factors is under playing the whole thing.