Preparing for SES London

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Dave Ashworth
on 19/1/10

We here at WMA are off to SES London next month to take in 3 full days of the annual SEM conference.

For me it's my first SE conference so am not sure quite what to expect - in my previous life as a web developer I've been on plenty Coldfusion gatherings and the like which are akin to  a Star Trek conference with a strict Romulan dress code, but so far the SEO arena seems less socially inept and as such am looking forward to hearing what the speakers have to say and the conversations my peers have to offer.

So the first thing I decided to do in preparation was check out the agenda and see if anything stands out:

Looking at that I'd probably start with the analytics introduction as I've never really got to grips with it beyond visitors, top pages and entrance keywords.  Conversion optimisation sounds more interesting that PPC V SEO so that's the 2nd one nailed whilst Meaningful SEO Metrics and Under The Hood sound like they could be interesting.

"Link Building - Methods and Risks" stands out for me on day 2 as I think there's always got to be a better, more intresting way to to the most fundamental and tedious of SEO techniques, and one day I will find it, hopefully here.  "Social Media 101" could be worth a look as well - as for the others, I may just identify the people who seem to know what they're on about, and follow them to what talks they go to.

Finally, the stand out talks on day 3 for me are "Tough Love: Get Your Site Tuned Up!" and "Conversion Site Clinic" - these days SEO and SEM is about much more than just rankings and traffic so it will be good to get a perspective from the "after optimisation" on site ideas and techniques that help your site get the conversions.

All in all it should be an interesting 3 days for the WMA team and I look forward to getting in amongst the SEO community, asking questions and generally testing out what I know against the top bods in the field.

Let us know if you're going to be at SES London this year, and if so, which talks you intend taking in.