Priority inbox from Gmail

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By Guy Levine
on 3/9/10

This morning I checked my emails and just noticed that Gmail has released its new feature: the Priority inbox, in beta.

If you click on the link in red it will bring up the following screen:

You can then watch a quick demo of priority inbox and then Click on “Try it now” to activate it in your account.

How Google determines a Priority email

Google determines a priority email automatically by analysing the people you are in contact with the most and chat with the most.  It also analyses the keywords that you most frequently use in your emails and detects emails with those keywords as priority.

If Google makes a mistaken in what its determined as a priority email for you, then you can use the 2 additional filtering buttons as highlighted above, to correct that and mark what you consider to be a Priority or not. Google will remember these settings for the next time you receive an email from those contacts in your account and separate them accordingly under “important and unread” and “Everything else” as shown in the below screen shot.

There are various additional filters that you can apply to your account as well by going into the Gmail settings, such as using the filters to guarantee that messages you consider as important do get highlighted as important when they enter your inbox as well as being able to search for emails by importance.

If you’re not happy with Gmail priority inbox then you can always revert back to your old inbox. Happy experimenting!