Real Madrid Set To Become Social Media Friendly

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By Dave Ashworth
on 17/11/11

I don't know about you and your football team, but I tend to get quite frustrated on match days at the Reebok Stadium as I struggle to make use of social media when at the match.

As soon as you get in or around the ground, all mobile functions cease to exist making it difficult to even text, let alone use twitter or foursquare to check into the sporting event taking place.  Even trying to check half time scores on my Sky Sports app seems to take more than 15 minute window I have before the 2nd half begins.

However, that could all be set to change with Read Madrid and Barcelona leading the way in making their grounds social media friendly with the latest in Cisco's Connected Sports Solutions, reports Digital Football, with the key benefits being:

  • - fully optimised web connectivity allowing fans to easily access social media apps on their mobile devices
  • - customised interactive match day apps
  • - improved communication channels for staff, security & media

I think it will still be sometime before the likes of Bolton adopt such technology but hopefully with the Spanish giants serving their fans with decent Wi-Fi/3G networks, the big English clubs will take note and it won't be long before we get to upload match action, like the clip below for example, onto YouTube and share content rather than having to watch for Match Of The Day for the goals going in...