Return Polish Their Boots For The Creative League

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By Dave Ashworth
on 24/11/10

Following the mixed success of the Creative Cup (mixed as in it was a roaring success for all concerned but we flopped big time) we are delighted to see that the founder, Ian Cox, has gone about setting up a Creative League that begins next Wednesday.

There will be 8 teams involved, all of whom took part in the cup with the "season" spanning over 14 weeks.  Having played in (and won trophies in) the Powerleague in Stockport, I am looking forward to dusting my gloves off and getting involved in a competitive weekly league with other digital marketing agencies in Manchester.

The full list of teams involved are as follows:

Building Blocks
Code Computerlove
Freelancers United
Return On Digital

Following our warm up matches for the Creative Cup, we've already had good games with KMP, Push On and Tecmark but are particulary looking forward to a rematch with Code Computerlove - we felt hard done by in the group stages and missed out by 1 point with 8 - we drew with them twice, but Chris Alcroft had a chance in the dying seconds to win the game, and cocked it up, massively - he, like most of us, were in dissapointing form that day and will look to make amends over the 14 week season.

It's also good to see that we know most of the lads involved and know they will be competitive but ultimately "friendly" games, having played numerous seasons in Stockport with Chris, it'll be nice to be on the pitch and not have 5 lads looking to break your legs and/or faces for an hour.

Our team will be the same as it was last time, but we needed 1 more player to ensure we get through the campaign with cover for sickness, injuries and fear of cold weather. Therefore, we've roped in a new face in the form of David Tutin to be our 7th man - we know him from the Manchester SEO scene and I saw him once walking through town wearing a footy kit, so I know he plays, but don't know if he's any good or not.

We've also published our Creative League Spotify Playlist so you can enjoy that on your post match beat box in a crazy gang stylee.

We're also looking at launching the official Return On Digital kit for this one - but names and numbers maybe taking it too far:

If you're reading this and fancy some Creative League action, get in touch with them via their website as I believe once they have 8 more teams, "Division 2" will come to be.

Good luck to all those involved, looking forward to it.