#ReturnOnSocial - Our First Social Media Bootcamp

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Herdy Ramanuj
on 8/11/13

When I was in my teens I was given an opportunity to work in a PR agency, it led me on a path to my current job; Head of Social at Return On Digital.

I've always been a huge believer of investing in young talent and potential, as has Guy, and yesterday we had the opportunity to help some young grads get a foot in the door with our #ReturnOnSocial initiative. We decided to invite all the lovely people who’d been in touch with me asking for social media work experience into our agency for the morning.

The morning started with a round table of introductions; to Return On Digital and to social media ‘Return-style’ and to the grads themselves.


There were some interesting insights that came out of our round table session with myself, the social media wannabes, our CEO Guy Levine and our General Manager Andy. One of the grads said that she was finding it difficult to gain any work experience with a Manchester agency, because agencies aren't giving experience to people who have none and that this was the first opportunity she'd had to spend time with agency people.

This isn't overwhelmingly surprising, but it is a shame that people coming out of university have this view - how can agencies find the good people if they never give them a chance to shine? Food for thought, but so was the rest of the morning after we set them off with creating campaigns based on some exciting live briefs. Once they'd completed this, they presented their campaigns to a few members of the team.

Team one; Beth Henderson and Yasmin Sidat.

Team two; Ishrath Islam and Jenny Ho. (Dan Moores had to leave early, sadly!)

Team three; Waqar Ahmed and Jessica Toomey.

Our #ReturnOnSocial-ites devised some amazing responses and, by the sounds of it, learnt a lot. Below we've a run down of the tweets using the hashtag:

If you'd like to get in touch with any of our super grads, before we snap them up ourselves, they're on this Twitter list. Or if you'd like to join us on our next social media bootcamp, drop me an email on!