Search engine submission - a waste of time!

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By Guy Levine
on 13/6/08

At this point I should say the process of search engine submission is a complete waste of time. You should never submit a page that is already in a site's index. Search Engine Submission is to alert an engine to new pages. Each engine is quite particular about how you submit to it. This is because people make pointless submissions on a regular basis, submitting pages that are not only are known about but haven't even been updated. If you do this you could find yourself penalised depending on the engine or whether you've broken it's rules. Even if you have updated a page or more importantly have a new page it is still a waste of time submitting it.

When you submit to an engine's search engine submission process it goes in a long list of submissions. Each engine as we have pointed out has its own method of finding new content. To spend any amount of time processing pointless user generated queries is going to make any search engine less efficient. Imagine you are Google! Now imagine keeping tabs on 160,000,000,000 web pages. Any distraction from that and Google would be presenting more and more out of date results. That's not great for the Big G's image. By the time an engine does deal with a worthwhile submission it is several weeks later at the very earliest, buy that time it is no longer worthwhile and I'd hope if you have new pages you'd prefer them to spidered in days not weeks or months.

An engine will find a new page or site by finding a link to it on another page, and this is how you get pages spidered quickly. It's as simple as that! If you have a new page it's best to link to it from your index page as it will get picked up earlier, better also if you can get a link from an external website.

The more important the website and particularly the more frequently content is update on it , the more regularly it will get spidered. Here at WMA know of a site or two where we can get links spidered in a matter of mins! But you would expect that wouldn't you!