SEO Company Reveals Analytics Secrets

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Guy Levine
on 29/5/08

Any good SEO company will tell you that analytics are the key. The first key performance indicator we look at is what position a website reaches in the search engine results page. I don’t care what any so called expert says, if you don’t get traffic, you can’t even begin to look at conversion! Then we start looking at internal website key indicators. These are usually;

New Visitor Percentage
The reason why we look at this is because if we are working on a search engine marketing campaign, we want to see if new visitors are coming to the site, or just old ones. It is always a concern if this number is low as it means no real promotion is happening.

Bounce Rate
This is the amount of people who come to a website, don’t click on any links and leave within a matter of seconds. This is a great indicator of traffic which is not targeted to the information you offer, or that quite simply, your website is poor!

These are the most popular pages on the site. It will give a good flavour of what people find interesting, and which pages are never visited

These are the keywords people are typing into the search engines to find you. Most of the time this will probably be your company name, but we need to see this report showing the keywords we are optimising for.

Time on site
Again, a great benchmark of how engaging the site is. If people are staying less than a minute, the content they are reading might not be the content which is what they want.

The final metric is how much conversion occurs. This can be carried out simply by the number of chosen actions divided by the number of visitors, or can be more sophisticatedly tracked using conversion tracking software. The key point is to decide what a conversion is and to make people take that action.

All of the above information can be discovered by using Google Analytics which a free to use.