SERP Evolution - Mega Sitelinks & Google Movies

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By Dave Ashworth
on 12/8/11

Have come across a few interesting changes to the SERPs over the last couple of days:

First off, if you search for a brand, you tend to be greeted by a number of site wide links, presumably in an attempt to help you get to the page you want to - good for those who prefer to get to a site via a navigational query (of which I am one).  It's also good in that it pushes other sites that aren't yours further down the page which I guess could be good for those who are into reputation management:

Like with site wide links of old, there wouldn't appear to be any way of controlling which pages appear so what this change offers to both webmasters and users remains to be seen.  They do though appear to have a name - "Mega Sitelinks".

I'll be honest, I don't like that name - we must come up with something better before it's too late.

However, I do like the next SERP change that I came across via SEO Gadget:

If you search for "cinema", you are greeted with the following:

Above the local search results, you are given a list of films that are currently showing in your area that includes useful information such as ratings, classification, duration and my particular favourite, a link to the trailer!

Not only that, click on a film title and you are taken to a page that contains everywhere in your locality that is showing the film, with show times, as well as reviews and the trailer:

With a bit more clicking around it would appear that Google have now introduced "Google Films" into their search family - well it may have been around a while but it's certainly new to me as I normally go straight to Apple Trailers and IMDB when I wish to find out more about upcoming films.

If anything, this would be another example of Google leaning toward local search as it looks to deliver relevant results to users.

Which is a good thing.