SMX London Recap

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Guy Levine
on 21/5/09

SMX London Recap

SMX was a great event this year. There were lots of great speakers and the Q&A’s after the presentations often gave some real insights. As a speaker this year, I felt the difficulty in trying to put my best stuff into 12 mins, but the Q&A gives a chance to share more.

Below is a selection of key points I pulled out

Initial Keynote - Brian Fetherstonhaugh – OgilvyOne

This was probably one of the least tactical sessions, but had some real insights into how big business sees search and how search practitioners can use the tools and knowledge they have to integrate into the bigger picture. A key message was matching luggage syndrome, where companies try and use the same messages across all the mediums available. However, to make it even more powerful, print should be kept for print, direct mail for direct mail, and I suppose the web for the web. Each has its positives and negatives so use them. Another interesting point was that clients are looking for more innovation and a proven ROI. However, the definition of innovative is that it has potential to fail!


Econsultancy delivered some interesting information from a recent survey they have produced with Guava. Rather than include the info here, you can download the report from:

Some scary sound bites are that up to 25% of companies still don’t know their numbers when it relates to online, and that paid search is maturing and the click inflations we all fight against proves this.

Reputation Management

There were some really good points on reputation management. Mikkel DeMib Svendson shared a 4 step process on managing reputation. 1 – Identify and analyze. 2 – Develop a strategy. 3 – Execute professionally. 4 – Monitor, analyze and adjust. He also said that the lawyers should be the last place to go as they can add fuel to the fire. As well as some pretty hardcore suggestions, the most practical seemed to be about promoting other articles/sites/blogs to counteract negative issues and push them down the list. There were some interesting strategies for promoting and building links to sites other than your own! (Use your imagination)

Link Building

Lyndon Antcliff, Patrick Altoft and Pete Wailes had some interesting things to say. Among the best bits were Lyndon saying that people link to other peoples work and that into not just about a link. To build good links, you need good stuff to link! Also think about mixing topical issues with current trends. Patrick kind of stole the show with some great ideas about building networks of people to contact to inform about new content and start engaging with along with a whole load of other stuff. Pete’s core message was simple – build relationships with people, don’t piss them off and be nice, so that when you do need a link they will be more likely to help!

Social Media

Ciaran Norris from Altogether Digital and Lucy Langdon from Distilled shared some interesting points about social media. Lucy gave some great ideas about QDF and Temporal Spikes in traffic where by sites could potentially have content ready to promote at times when traffic will spike. Think ecommerce and Christmas. Ciaran gave a good insight and shared a really funny video which is just too true!


To summarise, if you were not there, you missed out!