Social Media - Its all about the people!

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By Guy Levine
on 28/10/09

In a follow-up to Dave’s great post of Social Marketing for Business, I thought I would add my bit. In my role as a Digital Marketing Strategist, I speak to loads of companies about how to generate more leads, make more sales or increase brand awareness. Social Media and Web 2.0 comes up a lot. I still think people don’t really get it, especially business!

Let me give you my viewpoint. Social Media is just like networking on steroids. You can quite happily compare it to BNI, Chamber of Commerce and other networking organisations. The skill at those events is picking the right people to talk to. Social Media is about finding the correct people to connect with. The only real difference is that Social Media has a strong broadcast element which allows you to push your message further, wider and faster than working a room.

I also believe a shift is happening. In the old days Pareto ruled – 80% of this and 20% of that. Now I think that has changed, especially online. Guy’s Rule states 99% is mundane and 1% makes the difference. In a social marketing platform/medium/website, who is the 1 out of 100 you need to connect with. Within your twitter followers, who are the 10 out of 1000 who you really connect with.

It’s not about the platform or the network or who uses it – it’s about connecting with the 1% that make the difference.

I have tons to rant about on this. I’m sure it will be gracing the blog over the next few weeks.