Social Media Marketing: How much time should businesses invest?

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 21/6/13

A large number of businesses and individuals are under the impression that social media is a relatively easy form of marketing that can be done by simply sending out a few tweets or Facebook updates each day.

Yes, in theory it is easy enough to write any update, thought or opinion within 140 characters and hit send. But the question you must then ask yourself is ‘Why am I posting this social update about my business? ’ or ‘How do I turn my followers into customers?’.

And so the social media strategy for your business begins to become clear…

social media workflow

I recently found this interesting and insightful infographic from a Social Media Today, created by a consultancy firm, who have broken down a 40 hour week and the potential work flow of a social media executive.
Personally, I think this gives businesses and individuals a good insight into just how much time can be spent on social media.

What does my business get out of social media marketing?

The simple truth about social media marketing is that like every other part of your marketing strategy, you will get out what you put in.
Social Media is a form of marketing that requires time and patience, and business needs to listen and observe how the target audience is interacting with their friends and your competitors.

This can then help to plan your social media and marketing strategies and in return you will be granted with your social media ROI – should that be brand awareness, sales or an online community.

A Social Media ROI Factor to consider…

Another issue facing many businesses is that “We’re investing time insocial media channels, but we can’t see any conversions from social media in Google Analytics, so surely it’s a complete waste of time right?”… Wrong.

Social conversions don’t have to just come from a direct social channel to the website. In fact, if you dig a little deeper into your Google Analytics, you may find that social media has contributed much more than you think...

Visit Conversions > Multi-Channel Funnels > Top Conversion Paths and look at the past years worth of data.

The example below illustrates a snippet of Google Analytics data taken from the Return on Digital site. As you can see, social media has frequently played a part in the path to conversion.

Social Conversions

If we weren’t investing time in social media many of our conversions would have never happened.

Woah! This social media stuff sounds too much!

When you start to break down into the nitty-gritty of social media and realise that it’s not just a couple of status updates a day, you can soon release that your business or company will simply not have the time to do this.

Therefore, if you don’t have these resources to create and manage your companies social media strategy, then that’s why digital marketing agencies like us are here to help.