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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 14/2/12

SocialBro has been the latest social dashboard for Twitter to attract some attention in recent months. After using the dashboard for several months now, I can definitely say it’s definitely worth exploring. The home interface which can be seen below gives you a wide range of stats, including a graph plotting your followers, friends & community. Below this graphs gives you details of your new followers, recent unfollows, everyone who hasn’t tweeted in 8 months, who rarely tweets or who doesn’t follow you back, and the list goes on. It also allows you to unfollow some of these groups all at once.

Social Bro gives you several tools to analyse your Twitter account – the screenshot below gives you a view of the insights tool. It will give you insights about your followers location, languages, influence rank (Peerindex), users by no. of followers - literally anything you could want. It will also produce several graphs for you. Another great feature is the ‘best time to tweet’ funtion. Once you’ve clicked this SocialBro produces a report for you.

The most recent update that happened last month to SocialBro now allows you to get real-time Twitter analytics. With this tool you can now see which of your followers are active ‘right now’. What this actually means is who has tweeted in the past 5 minutes. This feature only currently monitors a maximum of 100 concurrent users, meaning that if you’re trying to monitor a lot of followers you might not see them all. The video below gives you a quick overview of these realtime analytics:

SocialBro - Real-time analytics for Twitter from Socialbro Explore your community on Vimeo.

The Spanish startup says that there are a number of useful cases for the new feature:

1) To see at a glance the real-time state of your community and to identify users who are online, to interact with them.

2) If you have a multi-language account, the language chart helps you identify the best language to tweet in at any given time.

3) If the users are mostly tweeting from apps like Foursquare or Instagram, for example, they probably are not aware of their timelines in that moment.

4) You can monitor a specific group of users via a Twitter list.

5) You also can monitor a hashtag or a key word to get an idea of how active they are. (Source: TNW)

If you’re serious about Twitter as a platform you should start using SocialBro today - download it here for Google Chrome. Let us know you thoughts on SocialBro...