South Africa 2010 is here + Iconic World Cup Moments

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By Dave Ashworth
on 11/6/10

Nothing is official until Google has a logo dedicated to it, so, the wait is over - today sees the 2010 World Cup kick off with a logo dedicated to a few games of football over the coming weeks:

There are plenty more Google Logos in our archive, but as today is about the World Cup you're probably as excited as I am about the prospect of 3 games per day for the next 2 or so weeks.  There's bound to be some great moments and controversy over the next few weeks and with that in mind I've gone all nostalgic and to get you all in the mood, here are some iconic World Cup moments from tournaments gone by, feel free to chip in with your own, I'll add them in:


1966: No montage would be complete without this.  Enjoy it, we probably won't see anything like this again in a while:

2006: Zidane Vs Matterazi - Has the curtain ever been drawn on a World Cup in such spectacular fashion?

1990: Gazza's Tears - Dunno what the big deal was, the rest of the team missed the final too:

1994: Baggio and his ponytail -  The pitch can be a lonely place when you miss the decisive penalty in the final

1998: Beckham sees red - Every losing English team needs a scapegoat

2006: Ronaldo the winker - Every losing English team needs a scapegoat

1990: It's Milla Time

1986: Last and very much least, a cheating drug riddled Argie midget out jumps our no.1 goalkeeper

Have I missed any?