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By Guy Levine
on 18/4/11

Only a short post today. For those dear readers not based in the UK, one of our major motorways is partially shut due to an accident a few days ago. Today I received the following email;


We know a lot of people are having commuting issues today due to the issues on the M1 in London. If you have an important meeting or you just need to stay in touch with your colleagues or clients, don't forget we are here to help with your teleconferencing needs.

If you have forgotten your Passcode, or you would like to set up a conference call now, simply go to

Conference Genie Support Team

0118 324 0700

Yes, Conference Genie is actually bothered to use my email address which they have collected, and sent me what is basically an offer. So, Conference Genie, I tip my hat on an oh so basic, yet powerful promo and actually being bothered.

You see, SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media and conversion rate optimisation is a waste of time if you don't take it higher up the tree. Its about getting business, and using all your marketing resources as strategic levers to generate more clients, sales, orders and or information requests.