The iPad is Here and Google is One of the First to React

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By Jade Hark
on 28/1/10

I am aware that I am in danger of making all of my blog posts Apple related, but the technology world this week has once again been taken over by another Apple launch event.  Even the BBC have been adding to the hype, who else has managed to get the BBC to advertise a product launch?

So, it’s big news, the expected happened, Steve Jobs came out on show and presented the iPad, Apple’s new tablet PC.  There was applause, cheers and probably tears – but while all the fun was being had and all the applause being soaked up, those over at the Googleplex were working hard on launching their first update to be used on device – there’s no time for applause and standing in the spotlight when there are opportunities for more search domination.

This time Google have updated their Google books homepage and my Library.  There is a cool new scroll action for moving between books and magazines (good for touch screen), and a bookshelf feature where you can store collections of tagged books (great for sharing).  The Google application most suited to the iPad (barring Gmail and search obviously) is the first to get a quick update and usability tweak.

This may not be a huge development for search as such, but it is an indication to all in the industry how switched on Google are and how they are continuing to stay ahead of the game.  No doubt the additional Google books features are the start of more features that will creep into the Google suite of web applications to suit touch devices and tablet pcs, and possibly keep them in the good books of their Silicon Valley neighbours.