The PPC world will change as you know it - Sept 14 2010

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By Rachel Smith
on 4/8/10

The PPC world will change as you know it - Sept 14 2010

Google is to update it's AdWords trademark policy which means keywords that were previously restricted as a result of a trademark investigation will no longer be restricted in most European countries including the UK.

This is going to change the game in a big way and will no doubt make Google a large amount of cash in the process.

What does this change mean?

Google will no longer prevent advertisers from selecting a third party's trademark as a keyword.

A trademark owner can make a complaint to Google but the ad will only be removed if they are seemed to be passing themselves off as the trademark owner.

Google will allow:

  • ads using a trademarked term in a descriptive or generic way, such as not in reference to the term as a trademark
  • ads for competing products or services
  • ads for informational sites about a product or service corresponding to the trademark
  • ads for resale of the trademarked goods or services
  • ads for the sale of components, replacement parts, or compatible products corresponding to a trademark

The official Google release can be viewed here.