The Quest For Creative Cup Glory Begins

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By Dave Ashworth
on 9/9/10


Creative Cup Spotify Playlist

The anticipation for the Creative Cup has got to the point where we are playing football tunes in the office as we look forward to the tournament this Sunday.  Sad? Maybe.  Quality tunes? Definitely.

Follow this link to have a listen - there's something for everyone, except Liverpool and Utd fans.

Official Kit Launch

Myself and Phil Morgan model the kit for Sunday:

Official Panini Stickets Released

Tournament Fixtures Released 01/10/10

The Creative Cup fixtures have been announced with just over a week till the tournament.  The full draw can be found here,whilst our group is as follows:

Group D

Return On Digital
Code Computerlove
Add People
McCann Manchester

Our tournament kicks off against McCann Manchester in the 2nd group game - so at least we have a chance to check out the other two in action first.  We've honestly no idea who these others are in terms of 5 a side teams/personnel - but obviously you have to put McCann down as the biggest team in the group based purely on their parent company's pedigree.

A giant killing awaits in the first match, which would certainly put us in good stead for the rest of the cup.

Bring it on.

Friendly Results

09/09/10: Return On Digital 18ish V Push On 14ish
Good run out for both teams - pleased with our performance given it's the first time we've ever played together, got a few things to work on, like not steaming forward and leaving an isolated goalkeeper facing counter attacks of 2/3 players at a time.  Everyone in the office is walking like John Wayne today.

15/09/10: Return On Digital 27 V Push On 7
With Melbourne Hosting seemingly bottle it at the last minute, we arranged another friendly against Push On - though this time we played at The Pits in Ardwick, where the tournament will take place.  It's a good pitch, but be warned, you will get "black sh*t" in your boots & socks that will go everywhere when you take them off at home, artificial pitches have artificial dirt, that's attention to detail and no mistake.

Was a good game as we started to gel and bring our pass and move game up a notch.  Push On were about 3 men down from last week and didn't even have a sub.  That said, Phil Morgan limped off and sat out the last 20 minutes or so, giving us our first injury concern of the "pre-season".  I did my shoulder in too, but soldiered on regardless.

22/09/10: Return On Digital 21 V Tecmark 9
Really enjoyed this game - was raining a bit but made for good passing conditions.  Both teams were good on the attack and we needed some quality defence to keep the score down. With only 5 players each and no subs it was a question of fitness and endurance but with 2 friendlies already under our belt we were happy with how it went.  Phil Morgan made it through the hour unscathed after his groin injury, due mainly to his new pants he wore to keep things tight down there.  I got a finger bent backwards making a save, it's really swollen and painful right now, so someone else in the office will have to make brews today, don't want to risk it carrying cups and that.

29/09/10: Return On Digital 24 V KMP Digitata 7
For the second week in a row we were down to 5 men as Andy Venables was away at a farming exhibtion would you believe!  So without youthful exhubernce in our side our tactic was to play a pass and move game rather than launching balls up front for him to chase down.  KMP were playing their first pre-cup friendly and had an extra man so we had to get on top of them early doors.  By the end, the fact we'd played 3 extra games together began to show, and for the last  5 minutes they played with 6 men whilst I came out of goal for a run about - at this point the score was 23-4.  I won't be coming out of goal again.

06/10/10: Return On Digital 13 V Melbourne Host 11
Our final friendly saw what was undoubtedly our toughest match yet.  Things got off to a slow start as Melbourne had 3 players and we had 6 at kick off so Rob Hillyard went on theirs for a bit till the others turned up.  Once they did turn up it would seem that Melbourne have potentially the cup's Golden Boot winner in their team.  Quick warning to everyone, if you do face Melbourne on Sunday, you'll have to keep @ridlegend quiet, the ball was in the back of the net before it had left his boot in most cases, pretty sure he got 8 if not more of their 11 goals.  You have been warned.

We were a little slow out the blocks ourselves, perhaps a little complacency had crept in following our winning run up to this game, so good to get such a test so close to the tournament.  If we are to do well on Sunday, Chris Alcroft will have to buy some shooting boots - last night he saw chance after chance squandered or saved very well by none other than @ridlegend who after pulling his calf spent the latter stages of the game in goal!!!  A utility player and no mistake.

All in all, this game saw us complete our pre-tournament warm up with a healthy 5 out of 5 100% run, so we are hoping to get to at least the 1/4 finals if not further.   Confidence is good but as we really have no idea of the quality of the 27 other teams taking part, there is definitely no room for complacency.

Good luck to everyone playing on Sunday, except those that play us.

Need inspiration?  Look no further


There's nothing better for work mates to bond together than a game of football.  That's why we were delighted in our office to hear that Manchester digital agencies and the like were being invited to particpate in the Creative Cup, a 5-a-side tournament being held in October, organised by Ian Cox (never met him, but fair play to the lad for getting this set up).

We initally missed the deadline for entry, but the compeition has been increased from 16 to 32 teams.  The format being groups of 4 leading to knockout stages.  With a current minimum of 6 games per team, it's worth entering just to have a kick about (at time of writing, there are 5 places left).

As we have never played football together before, we have no idea if we are any good.  Therefore a few warm up games are in order before we begin.  Our first comes tonight against the lads from Push On - we've no idea on their standard either, so this one could really go either way.

If you are particpating in this tournament yourself, and need some warm up games, feel free to contact me at or on Twitter, most week evenings should be fine with some sort of advanced notice.

As for us, here's some more info on our team:

Guy Levine
Team: Arsenal
Favourite Player: n/a
About: Guy doesn't like football.  If pushed he'll say he supports Arsenal.  As manager, this doesn't bode well.

Me, Dave Ashworth
Team: Bolton Wanderers
Favourite Player: Gerry Taggart/Youri Djorkaeff
About: Got trophies from a successful stint in the Stockport Powerleague you know.  Often mocked for the padded goalkeeper pants I wear, but comfort comes before style.  If anyone has skate board knee pads, can I borrow them?

Rob Hilyard
Team: Bolton Wanderers
Favourite Player: Ivan Campo
About: Rob manages a succesful Sunday league team in Bolton so knows his stuff.  He is our defensive rock.  You will not get round him.  Hopefully.

Midfield Headless Chickens
Phil Morgan
Team: Everton
Favourite Player: Mikel Arteta
About: Phil is an Everton season ticket holder who used to play for his school team.  This was about 15 years ago, since then he's only watched Everton.

Justin Butcher
Team: Tottenham Hotspur
Favourite Player: Glenn Hoddle
About: The office cockney was a Spurs season ticket holder till he moved up North recently. He hates Sol Campbell and as the oldest player in our team he is our Teddy Sheringham and will probably end up goal hanging.

Young Striker Whom We Pin All Our Hopes On
Andy Venables
Team: Macclesfield Town
Favourite Macc Player: John Askey
Favourite Proper Player: Ryan Giggs
About: As the youngest lad in the office, at 23, we are putting Andy up front to do all the running and get on the end of everything.  The potential for cup glory for him is great. But if he thinks he's coming off as sub at any point, he's sadly mistaken.

The Ringer
Chris Alcroft
Team: Bolton Wanderers
Favourite Player: Justin Fashanu
About: Ok, we don't have enough lads to put out a full side, and we certainly need a sub.  So we got a mate of mine from our glory days of Stockport Power League to join us.  For what it's worth, he does get the same train as Justin into work each day, so he's well up to speed on goings on in our office and has met the rest of the lad's in the team at least once.  He's the Zidane of our team, thanks to his massive bald patch, don't worry though, he's not as good as he thinks he is.