The top social media marketing platforms for UK businesses [Infographic]

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 17/1/13

Throughout 2012, social media became one of the most talked about topics.

From humorous posts, to creative marketing campaigns to some serious internet trolling; society began to increase their day to day communication through a variety of social media platforms.


For a number of businesses, the idea of social media marketing is considered daunting and a risky investment. However, the key to demonstrating an ROI from social media marketing, such as sales, increased visitors or brand awareness, is to treat it like any other marketing activity within the business.

What is more, social media marketing enables a business to further build their brand and connect directly with their customers. This is achieved through planning fun and interesting campaigns as well as engaging content for their target audience on a regular basis.

As a result of this, businesses are constantly keeping their brand within sight of their consumer through daily social communication.

After reading an article on the latest UK social media statistics, I decided to create a helpful infographic that illustrates to businesses the ‘big six’ social media platforms, based on the number of registered UK users. These social platforms are something that must be considered when planning your businesses marketing strategy for 2013-2014.

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The top social media marketing platforms for UK businesses - An infographic by the team at Return On Digital