To Link or Not to Link

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Guy Levine
on 6/5/08

I’ll get straight to the point, with SEO, its links which make it.

One of our Web Marketing Advisor SEO clients has a pretty much brand new site. It was optimised on site, buy which I mean having relevant title tags and mentions of the keywords in the copy and that was about it. However, this little beauty ranked 11 in over 5 million sites! How?

Well, you can optimise the words as much as you want, but now days it’s who links to you. It so happens that this site is linked to by – a major, yet secret ish, online directory. Having all this link raised him above the dross in a matter of weeks! For a nearly brand new domain.

So go get some incoming links, you might well be surprised!