Top 10 Blog posts of 2010

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Guy Levine
on 22/12/10

We are coming towards the end of the year now and Return on Digital has had a wonderful year. To mark that, we have compiled a list of our top-10 blog posts, ordered roughly by page views.

At the top spot we have the post produced by our very own off-site optimisation specialist and SEO expert Justin Butcher, who highlighted the top “6 things we used to do before the internet”.

At position two, our regular blogger and SEO expert, Dave Ashworth, was delighted to share with us his discovery of the Northern Quarter being used as a filming set for the new Captain America film: “Social Media issues on the Captain America set”.

At position three, is Dave Ashworth again, with a very popular post on “The quest for the Creative Cup glory begins”. The creative industry was very excited about this and here at Return on Digital, we were extremely delighted to be a part of this competition and look forward to the next Creative Cup of 2011.

At position four, again, we have our top blogger of this year and SEO expert Dave Ashworth, sharing with us his “21 Secrets of top converting websites”.

At position five, our PPC expert Rob Hillyard, shares with us his tips on how to “Master the art of Adwords Remarketing”.

At position six, we have “Facebook Marketing on Steriods – Slides” where the CEO shared his tips on Facebook Marketing Strategies at SMX Advanced London, which marked the gathering of the top digital minds in the industry with discussions on various subjects including SEO, PPC and Social Media.

At position seven, our CEO put a bit of fun back into social media with a very humorous post on “Funny Facebook cartoon for Social Media Types”.

Seems like our regular blogger and SEO expert, Dave Ashworth has done extremely well for himself this year with another great post, at position eight, enlightening us with some “Random goings on caught on Google Maps”.

At position nine, our CEO is back to educate the team, with more useful information on online marketing, and more specifically “Google Instant – Our thoughts on this evolving story...”.

At position ten, our PPC expert and online marketing buff Rob Hillyard is back again to educate us on social media, with his wonderful post on “Hay V Harrison – The Social Media battle”.

That’s it for 2010, but please stay tuned to the Return on Digital blog, as we will be back in 2011 with some more knowledgeable, educating and as always, entertaining news on whats going on in the Digital Marketing arena, but for now we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.