Top vs. Side Adwords Performance

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Rachel Smith
on 26/8/11

Back in July Google announced the addition of ‘Top vs. Side’ performance segmentation to how ads perform above or to the side of organic search results. The official release can be found here.

The ‘Top vs. Side’ data can be used to look further into how ad positions affect factors such as click through rate, costs and conversions. Hal Varian the Google Chief economist highlights that ‘the distinction is important, since, on average, ads that appear above the search results tend to get substantially more clicks than ads that appear on the right-hand side.’

The ‘Top vs. Side’ report makes it possible to go a bit deeper, because it is all well and good getting more traffic to you site from the additional clicks, but how much are these clicks costing you and are they getting any results?

Now we have gathered some ‘Top vs. Side’ data we have found that if the budget is there being above the Google search are likely to result in higher conversions. However, with an account that has a limited budget it’s all about getting the most conversions with the budget available. The majority of conversions are likely to come from top ads with the number of clicks being higher; however as the reports shows below side ads may be better with conversion rates being similar but cost per conversion being lower.