Transparency is Everything: How we do Account Management at Return

Keep up with the very latest developments in the digital marketing world

By Jade Hark
on 15/4/16

If you wonder what it’s like to work as an account manager at Return on Digital, look no further – I am about to give you a glimpse of what it entails here at Riverview. One thing that will quickly transpire is that we have a great culture, and we live and breathe our core values.


We are a friendly bunch


We are diverse in our backgrounds, ages and looks so I suppose that for that very small reason you could compare us to the Spice Girls of client services.

We all have our different characters in the team: Beth, the team leader, loves a good cup of coffee and enjoys musicals; Katie is a fitness fanatic who eats really yummy healthy food and who is proud to be from Bristol; Jade is just like Baby Spice as she is the youngest in the team and couldn’t be more helpful to anyone. I am the one who eats fruit with chop sticks and drinks Jasmine Dragon Pearls.

Our days always start the same way. We kick off with a huddle where we share wins from the day before (a good client call where we received positive feedback on the team’s hard work, some good results on a campaign, tasks we ticked off our to-do lists… anything that we see as an achievement from the day before) and also the priorities for the day.

I really like these morning huddles as we get to see what we are all doing and understand what is going on across the board, and also understand why someone might be going through a stressful time or equally, be really happy for their successes.


Communication is key


We use a great tool called Basecamp, an online project management solution that allows us to centralise all communications and documents in one place, helping us to provide transparency on how a project is going.

Our teams are allocated tasks with specific deadlines and the client can also contribute to conversations and share useful documents that everyone can see. Our clients really enjoy using Basecamp as it is very straightforward and efficient. Have you ever found it really frustrating to retrieve an email from a few months ago with a specific document attached that you somehow can’t find in less than 10 minutes? Well, this problem does not exist with Basecamp (Hallelujah!).


We like processes


If there is one thing we’re really proud of, it’s the processes we have in place at Return on Digital because we like EFFICIENCY! All the processes we have in place allow us to save time and deliver work in a leaner way. We avoid duplication wherever we can and regularly review processes to brainstorm how they can be further improved.

Every week, we catch up as a team to go through each project and discuss updates amongst each other. We also include our strategy team so they can be involved and provide support when needs be. (We used to sometimes have homemade cakes in the meeting, but we’re trying to be healthy so this hasn’t happened in a long time. These days, we tend to stick to cups of tea).


We want the best for our clients


As I mentioned before, we like to provide as much transparency as possible to all our clients, and we also want the best for them.

We keep the objectives of a project in mind at all times. We all know that it is just too easy to lose sight of what we’re trying to achieve, so a constant reminder helps us deliver the results that our clients expect.

We have a consistent way of working, where we catch up regularly with all our clients. We also catch up internally very often to review projects and identify ways of improving campaigns.

We gather learnings constantly and review performance and strategy on a very regular basis. We also rely on our excellent delivery teams, who are experts in their fields and up to date with the very latest developments in their chosen sectors.

Oh, I don’t think I told you what our core values are, did I? They are:

  • Set the bar high
  • Don’t stop until we win
  • Trust.

And guess what? We try to apply these as often as we can, because this is how we live and breathe the Return on Digital culture: through a set of shared beliefs, values and practices that allow our agency to be expert in everything we do.