Twitter Allows Direct Messages Without The Usual Following Back

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 5/7/11

Twitter has changed the current messaging policy for verified accounts. It now seems that brands and celebrities will be able to receive direct messages without having to follow the sender. This has been recently been an aspect of Twitter that annoyed me, especially while operating campaigns on Twitter. People will now find it much easier to communicate with their brand reps and contacts.

This new introduction by Twitter is aimed at providing users that have large followers to have a private system so they can receive the direct message without going through the previous tedious process. This involved following the user, asking them to direct message you, and then unfollow once they have received the message.

Although Twitter has yet to confirm this, some people have already noticed this change to their accounts. It comes as no surprise that fans of brands and celebrities will welcome the news. It may seem that people will now be able to bombard these popular accounts with direct messages, but Twitter has provided an option to disable the feature. Not sure I would want to be on the receiving end of Lady Gaga's fans! There’s no doubt that this will help interaction between brands and customers, and could potentially help with improved customer service, as users might be reluctant to tweet in front of other users.