Twitter Rolls Out Activity Stream - New Features

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 9/11/11

Over the past few days we have seen Twitter rolling out a few changes to the overall layout and features on the pages. When logging onto Twitter you will notice the new features and see something like this:

Illustrated above, it is clear to see that the '@Username' stream has replaced the '@Mentions' feature. Overall this followers a similar concept to the old one, however it also shows stories about news followers and people favouriting your.

The new 'Activity' feature shows a stream of people who you follow/who is following you, and combines their latest stories, such as favourites, follows and retweets. Two images of the new features can be seen below:

Another new feature, to the Twitter interface, is a recommendation feature of branded and non-branded results when searching for an account. The results provide users with a recommendation of the 'top person/brand' and then allows an instant ‘Follow’ button.

However, it seems that Twitter may be still be tweaking a few things with the new interface, as small errors are still occurring on the site.

One error I have noticed is when you click on a user in the timeline, it says that you are not following them. However, if you load their Twitter profile page, it clearly shows that you are. Personally, this proves quite frustrating when you need to quickly direct message a user.

This latest Twitter roll-out is aimed to help increase the interconnections of followers through highlighting the people who are followers/following and give them the chance to do the same.

The main advantage of the new 'Activity' stream is turning the new connections of the people I follow into real-time by recommending who you should potentially follow next. These are instant rather than the current ‘Who To Follow’ sidebar which doesn't take into consideration when you started following a specific account.

Another recent social media change saw Facebook recently adding the Twitter update link, so that users can now post straight to Twitter directly from Facebook. This was only previously available for Facebook pages.