Upgrade to Google Display Network interface

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By Rachel Smith
on 5/4/12

As an active user of the Google Display Network I am very excited about the recent announcement Google has made about the completely new interface built from the ground up with the Display Network in mind.

You can see the full Google release here.

In Google's own words... "For nine years, AdWords customers have been buying display campaigns through an interface designed for search. This is like trying to run in glass slippers -- it might work, but it’d be a lot more effective with the right running shoes."

I must say, I have to agree with them here.

Rolling out over the next few weeks, the new Display Network Tab is an interface (screenshot below) built from the ground up to run display campaigns, and will enable you to bid, target and optimize display campaigns all from a single place.

With Next-Gen Keyword Contextual Targeting you will have the ability to combine the reach of display with the precision of search. This means that you can fine-tune the performance of your contextual campaigns down to individual keyword level, which will help you take the performance of your marketing campaign to a new level.