Use the ‘Yahoo Example’: Choosing Social Media Platforms to Fit Your Business Objectives.

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 22/5/13

This week it was announced that Yahoo is set to purchase the popular blogging site Tumblr for around $1.1billion.

Although the acquisition price seems to change daily, one question that is changing is “Will Yahoo manage to keep Tumblr a ‘cool’ social network to be on?’ or will Tumblr’s famed younger demographic begin to defect to other up and coming social platforms such as Instagram.

Tumblr and Yahoo

Tumblr currently has over 1 billion registered users, with 46.5% their demographics being 18-34 years-old and each user spending an average of 154.1 minutes on the platform in March 2013. (ComScore)

However, it seems that the user statistics are one of the main reasons Yahoo have set out to purchase the social network as the Yahoo Chief Executive, Marissa Mayer, said "Tumblr in terms of users and traffic is an immediate growth story for us”.

With this statement in mind, it just goes to show that social media marketing is something that can help drive business growth. From brand awareness to driving an ROI, social media has the potential to add credibility and value to any brand or business.

But the important thing to consider first of all is where your social media audience are in terms of platforms and can you meet your business objectives through targeting them on there.

Yahoo have clearly done their homework, as their objective is to ‘revitalise and add new life into the Yahoo brand’ through targeting a younger demographic.

Bearing this in mind, if your business is looking to target a specific demographic through social media marketing, then take a look at this helpful infographic by UMPF, which shows the demographic spread of UK users across the various platforms.

UK social network demographics