GDPR whitepaper

What does GDPR mean for Paid Digital marketing?

It’s fair to say that the digital marketing industry is in panic mode right now. GDPR is looming ever closer, and yet we still have no guidance on what this really means for our online world. Is this the end of user-based targeting, and the start of opt-ins gone mad? Will Social targeting even exist in a post-GDPR, consent-driven landscape? 

In truth, no one really knows.  And if we’re being completely honest, we’re probably not going to be 100% sure by the time the regulations come into effect. 
However, this doesn’t mean we can all bury our heads in the sand until someone hands us a 100% clear ‘how-to’ guide. We’re all responsible for reading, interpreting, and acting on the world-wide changes of how we collect and process our users’ data.

At Return, we don’t hold all the answers to GDPR. But neither does an appointed Data Protection Officer, or a £1,000 an hour GDPR consultant; it’s something we’re all still figuring out until further official guidance or case laws help shape and define the gap between legislation and reality.

In the meantime, we need to start thinking about, discussing, debating and ultimately preparing for what some say is the biggest digital shift of the century.

We've collated our opinions on how GDPR may impact paid digital marketing into a free whitepaper for you to download. Download your copy here!