What Makes People Like A Brand On Facebook & Twitter?

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By Herdy Ramanuj
on 20/7/11

There is no doubt that having an online brand experience creates loyal customers. However not everyone knows exactly why people follow brands on Facebook. Econsultancy completed a survey to try and find this out. With a survey of 2500 consumers, only 78.6% actually followed a brand, which only left 533 respondents – of these there were 350 females & 183 males. This therefore shows that more women are more likely to follow a brand on Facebook. They actually found that most the common reason was to be notified of special offers (70%), although shopping (38%), events (38%) and to leave feedback (29%) were also popular.

Most people follow between 2 - 5 brands, however 35% said they would follow more than five brands. They also found that users would unsubscribe from a page if they were dull, so make sure you have interesting content! Other data from Social Media Today and Razorfish helped produce this infographic: