What to do now that the free listings on Google Shopping UK have ended

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By Rachel Smith
on 13/6/13

At the end of last year I blogged about Google’s plans to change their “Google Shopping” results in the UK from free listings to paid listings. The paid listings were introduced in February this year with the intention of phasing out the free listings gradually so that eventually only paid listings are shown.

googleshoppingUK_ipadGoogle confirmed that on the 11th June 2013 the free listings had officially ended and that only paid listings were being displayed on Google UK Shopping results.

If you’re looking to start a paid campaign to add your products to the Google Shopping feed, here are some key points from the PPC Team at Return on Digital:

      1. You’ll need a budget to start with
        An obvious but important point to make. As with standard PPC campaigns you’ll need to allocate a budget.
      2. You’ll need to use Google Adwords and Google Merchant Centre
        In order to display your products in Google Shopping UK you will need to set up Product Listing Ads in Google Adwords and bids similar to running text-based PPC adverts.
      3. Data analysis and product knowledge are key to making your campaigns successful
        You’ll need to consider conversion rates as well as the profit margin on each product. Products with lower profit margins may not provide a good return on investment through Google Shopping.
      4. Competitor analysis is important too
        Don’t forget that from a user perspective this is a shopping comparison service so it’s important to make your products stand out from your competitors.
      5. Google Shopping could be affecting click through on your organic listings
        You may have a strong listing in the organic search results but it’s worth considering that for users who are ready to buy, the Google Shopping results which show product images and clear information on pricing could be the most appealing item on the page.


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